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L-Plate Introduction:

    (1)The Technology of Micro-Lens  
    Based on the theory of near-field optics, the micro-lens is designed and fabricated in the hundred micrometer size with the special optical grade material. The shape of the micro-lens can amplify the optical signal radiating from the top of the micro-lens by several orders of magnitude.
    (2)Pattern Recognition Spotting
    The uniform 8X8 micro-lens array is integrated on the bottom of the ELISA plate, named as L-Plate. The unique micro-lens pattern can be recognized and aligned to be spotted by GSD1800. In theory, 64 different type proteins can bind on the top of each micro-lens. Thus, the L-Plate can achieve not only high-throughput but also high sensitivity protein analysis with tiny amount of protein samples.

    (3)Special Surface Modification
    After the special surface modification rending, the protein samples can be bind on the top of micro-lens with the stable chemical bonds during the processes of spotting and incubation. Therefore, the L-Plate provides an ultra low background with very low nonspecific protein adsorption.

    (4)Chemiluminescence Method
    Combination with the chemiluminescence methodology, the L-Plate can improve the detection sensitivity further.

    (5)Single-Break Strip
    The L-Plate is fabricated as the single-break strip structure to compatible with the standard GS Bio ELSA microplate. All the other ELISA auxiliary equipments can be applied for the L-Plate. The L-Plate can be detached as the single microwell to facility more flexible detections.


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