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Antibody Pairing

        Recombinant antigens of clinical diagnostic reagents and the corresponding antibodies are provided by a diagnostic reagent company, and testing the antibody pairing. In order to verify the results of the clinical testing, the control serums for each antigen are also provided.
    1.Spotting the antibody: Diluting the different antibodies by the buffer solution, and then spotting them on the top of micro-lens in the L-Plate by GSD1800;
    2.Treating after spotting: After spotting, incubating, blocking and reacting,following the traditional process of ELISA;
    3.Marking the antibody: Marking all the antibodies by HRP;
    4.Reacting of recombinant antigen: Pippetting the diluted recombinant antigens into the microwells of L-Plate, and then reacting;
    5.Reacting of the second antibody: Mixing the second antibody corresponding, and reacting alone;
    6.Scanning and analyzing the data: Scanning the L-Plate automatically by GSS2400 (Figure1 and figure 2 show some scanning images.), then analyzing the data of the images using the build-in software;
    7.Serum verification:Using the control serums to verify the paired antibodies to select the optimal antibody pairing for clinical detection.

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